Providing A Better Gym Experience


Keeps your gym essentials off the gym floor

  • BOTTLEBELT is designed to take the place of bottle holders via a magnet and silicone belt on exercise equipment where bottle holders are not provided. Simply wrap BOTTLEBELT around your bottle and magnetically stick it to the weight machine at a convenient location and begin your workout.
  • BOTTLEBELT eliminates the need for repeated bending over to put down and pick up your bottle.Improving the flow of your workout.
  • BOTTLEBELT keeps your bottle at arm’s length. Providing for more frequent hydration resulting in a better overall workout.
  • BOTTLEBELT keeps your bottle sanitary and off the gym floor, eliminating tripping hazards and spills.
  • BOTTLEBELT helps keep track of your bottle at the gym with a name tag and eight colors to choose from. This reduces the chance of losing, knocking over and confusing your bottle with others.
  • BOTTLEBELT is made from highly elastic, durable, medical grade, vulcanized platinum silicone and is Latex-free, waterproof, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. Will not scratch or damage surfaces.
bbblu_silo   bottlesinarow-1024x445-1   Stretches to fit bottles from 12oz to 64oz and holds up to 4lbs.

Carabiner and Name Tag

A carabiner and name tag are included. Attaching your gym membership and car keys to BOTTLEBELT ensures that your gym essentials are always with you when entering the gym.   carabiner_silo  

Four Utility Rings

These rings provide not only secure placement of Gym Membership and Keys but also Phone, Jewelry, Towel, Hand Sanitizer and Headphones.     patent-1

8 Colors

Amp up your workout with 8 colors to choose from. groupbelts